Welloo is the international brand specialized in different kinds of tools such as Power tools, Hand tools,  Air tools, wood working tools, Cutting tools, Welding tools and accessories for over 10 years with premium quality collection of the tools which make Welloo as the unique tools brand in the world on the basis of Variety.

For Welloo, quality means products that are designed to provide ever more benefits to professional users: improved productivity, time savings, increased efficiency, reduced effort, improved comfort and simplicity of operation. Driven by futuristic vision, Welloo continues to invest its resources in advanced R&D, High - end technologies and compatible human rescources, to develop more efficient Tools with high variety that meet the tomorrow's needs of the users.

Our main target is to become, and to be recognized as, an unfailing company, professional above all, a company that contributes to peoples' health, wealth and safety by offering the most valued productivity solutions in the world.

This is our ambition for today, for tomorrow, and for the century to come.